“I have seen the incredible benefit of arts integration for our students.  Last year I taught a third grade class that included several ESE students with various exceptionalities. I saw firsthand that students who struggle with reading or being the center of attention can shine when given an opportunity to learn through the arts.”

Heidi Wiegman- 3rd Grade Teacher- Brentwood Elementary

“Being a part of this team has made a huge impact on my teaching style and has allowed me to grow in my confidence with the arts and my ability to help my students reach new heights.  I am so proud of all the accomplishments for our district that this team of dreamers and doers have completed. “

Freda Williams- 3rd Grade Teacher- Pine View School

“Being part of Project Amplify has been an amazing experience this year! I have been able to implement arts integrated lessons that engage ALL of my students. I have a 2nd grade inclusion class and cannot say enough amazing things of what this program has done for me in terms of differentiating my instruction to meet the needs of all my learners, additionally it also has been a key tool for behavior management as well. I love that using arts integrated lessons allow my ESE students to shine and show what they know through the use of art forms that they love.”

Stephanie Boynton- 2nd Grade Teacher- Lamarque Elementary School

“Throughout the year, we have been using Arts Integration, as a vehicle to have students learn and demonstrate their knowledge of standard-based content. We have seen learning gains, increased student engagement, and the enthusiastic inclusion of the most challenging reluctant learners.  If this isn’t “best practices”, I am not sure what is! Arts Integration has also encouraged me as an educator to broaden my own thinking by finding creative ways to coordinate lessons and ideas though various mediums. Thank you for helping us to grow, but more importantly, for helping our students love the arts and the journey of education through the use of the arts. ROCK ON!”

Shelley Sanders- Tuttle Elementary- 5th Grade Math