Strategy Movers

A selected group of 25 educators are currently piloting our Strategy Movers model of Professional Development.

A Strategy Mover is an educator committed to practicing arts integrated strategies in their classroom as an approach to their teaching. In addition to this, they are dedicated to modeling these strategies in other classrooms as a means to refine their teaching and serve as role models of best practices. Through careful reflection and goal setting, this cohort of professionals continues to identify ways to improve teaching and learning throughout our district. During monthly meetings, group and individual coaching, they reflect on needs of their students, curricular goals, as well as district initiatives and plan for a comprehensive approach to meeting each objective.

Strategy Movers understand that repetition is key when it comes to strengthening their ability to implement arts integrated lessons with clarity and consistency. They implement these methods on a daily basis in their own classrooms and make arrangements within their school to model these strategies in other classrooms of varying grade levels at least two times a month.